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H.S. Pinky Gillum - Trout

H.S. Pinky Gillum - Trout

H.S. Pinky Gillum - Trout
type: Bamboo
condition: N/M - Near Mint
rod length: 6'6"
rod sections : 2/2
rod weight: 4
includes: Original tube & sock
description: Possibly one of the rarest of all rods in this size along with it’s little brother in the 6 foot length. Only 4 rods were made in this 6’6” length, this rod being one of the last 5 rods Pinky built before he passed away in 5/12/1966. H.S. “Pinky” Gillum rods continue to bring the highest price of any rod at market. Often considered by few to be as the Holly Grail of collectible bamboo rods! Having only built around 1000 rods in his whole career makes every rod a treasure. Along with this rod come a bit of fly fishing history and a family that shared a friendship with the Gillum's. Tom Lewis Sr. (listed in the Who's Who of American Anglers) along with Wife Natalie Lewis knew the Gillum’s well and some of the first rods Tom Sr. received from Pinky were Salmon rods. His love for these rods were above all others. I was sent a few photo’s of the family enjoying their days fishing on one of many trips. Whether fishing the Alta River in Norway or the George River in Canada for Salmon, fish were always landed using a Gillum rod. Now back to the rod at hand. Natalie a gifted artist, sculpturist and fly fisher-woman expressed a great interest in how Pinky did such fine work on each rod. With this Pinky took her for a tour of his shop showing her the various aspects of rod building. As the two artist talked, Mrs. Lewis revealed her appreciation to Pinky for his artistic ability to work so well with the materials at hand. When the Lewis’s went back to pick up another salmon and 7’6” Trout rod they had requested, Pinky had this little 6’6” Trout rod ready for Mrs. Lewis as a surprise. Tom Lewis Jr. who now owns these rods remembers this was the sixth rod of the group and came as a gift to his Mother from Pinky himself! The rod is beautiful and was made to look just as the Salmon rods they came to love so very much. The rod is in “NM” condition with one tip showing light uses while the other tip looks unused, light soiling to the cork with everything else in perfect order. The label is about 95% with all marking correct, listing the Model as “Trout” in 6’6” length, weight and serial number I-985 which is also found on both tips and the butt section of the rod. Logo stamp aluminum up-locking reel seat with mahogany spacer. This rod would be the highlight of any collection! For myself I have always been intrigued by Gillum rods, from the stories of Pinky on the stream too each individual rods produced. They all have a their own unique characteristics. It truly shows he was a master of the craft and one of a kind in spirit.

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