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Welcome to West Slope Classic Fly Tackle

Rick Sorensen at work

West Slope Classic Fly Tackle provides the best possible tackle from around the world through personalized customer service and access to valued international resources in locating the items of your dreams.

We specialize in:

  • ✓ Bamboo Fly Rods by James Reams
  • ✓ Bamboo Rods by Edward Barder Rod Company
  • ✓ Marc Aroner
  • ✓ Kagerow Bamboo Rods by Ishida Hideto
  • ✓ Sweetgrass Rods by Glenn Brackett & the Boo Boys
  • ✓ Pentalux Rods by Rob Smith
  • ✓ Beaverhead Rods by Wayne Maca
  • ✓ Bamboo Fly Rods by John Pickard
  • ✓ Classic Fly Fishing Reels by Ted Godfrey
  • ✓ Classic Fly Reels by David M. Edel
  • ✓ House Of Hardy LTD
  • ✓ Custom Fly Reels by Bellinger

… and many more!

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